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27 2022.01

Time Youth Band logo stolen? It is better to "save for a rainy day" than to "fix it later"!

Recently, "Times Youth Band's trademark was stolen" went viral, prompting many netizens and fans to ...
05 2022.01

The Little Red Book Company applied for the trademark of "Old Red Book". Why?

On Nov 10, the case of "Little Red Book's trademark registration of old Red Book was rejected" appea...
05 2022.01

Typical case review | 35171630, "micro eed VILEDA" trademark dispute case

A close reading of Typical Cases of Trademark Objection and Review | No. 35171630 "VILEDA" Trademark...
04 2022.01

Regarding the Case of Trademark Invalidation of "MOSCOW RESTAURANT" No. 11396497

No. 11396497 "MOSCOW Restaurant. The trademark "RESTAURANT" (hereinafter referred to as the trademar...
28 2021.12

Lin Guo 'er, an Internet celebrity, suffers from trademark troubles

Lin Guo 'er, a video blogger, returned to her hometown to repair a diesel engine by chance in 2018, ...
22 2021.12

LEFIT was ordered to pay more than $2 million in damages.

In recent years, more and more gyms with "24-hour operation" and "online and offline interactive mod...
07 2021.12

Typical case review | "napa" trademark dispute case no. 33083305

Review typical cases | Trademark Objection, Napag, No. 33083305.

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