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13 2020.12

How to determine the closing date of a Hong Kong company's audit report (accounting period)?

Hong Kong's fiscal year is different from that of mainland China, which follows the Gregorian calend...
12 2020.12

How does the Hong Kong company arrange relevant bills when making accounts

After the completion of the registration of overseas companies, do not ignore the company's late man...
11 2020.12

What are the requirements for registering a company in Macao?

Currently, not only do entrepreneurs register their companies in Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai, but...
09 2020.12

What is the basis of the Hong Kong company's audit

After the company is registered in Hong Kong, it is one of the important matters to handle the audit...
08 2020.12

What should be done with non-operating Hong Kong companies?

What about non-operating Hong Kong companies? Can you successfully log out as long as you submit the...
08 2020.12

After the company is registered in Hong Kong, do we need to do audit even if no business occurs?

After the company is registered in Hong Kong, it is one of the important matters to handle the audit...
03 2020.12

What are the opinions on the audit report of a Hong Kong company? What's the difference?

A company incorporated in Hong Kong with business operations is required to entrust a locally licens...
02 2020.12

What are the risks of a Hong Kong company that has not been audited for many years? How to deal with it?

At present, there are many Hong Kong companies in the market that have been established for many yea...
01 2020.12

Can the accounting interval of Hong Kong company be modified?

According to the law of Hong Kong, the first tax return of a company registered in Hong Kong should ...
30 2020.11

How can Hong Kong company avoid being forced to close an account after opening an account?

Do international trade customers, after the company registered in Hong Kong, and opened a bank accou...

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