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10 2021.02

Why is the registered address of a Hong Kong company so important?

The registered address of a Hong Kong company can be inconsistent with the business address of the e...
07 2021.02

How to open an account in Dubai company?

If you want to open a bank account in Dubai after registering a company in Dubai, what information d...
06 2021.02

What materials should be prepared before the audit of a Dubai company?

After the registration of Dubai company, it is required to timely declare tax and submit the annual ...
05 2021.02

The Spring Festival is coming, the Fu character should "stick upside down"?

As the Spring Festival approached, a friend in an entrepreneur's wechat group observed that everyone...
02 2021.02

Is the bank account of the Hong Kong company required to be audited annually?

In the past, only Hong Kong companies were audited annually, and the bank accounts of Hong Kong comp...
28 2021.01

Introduction to application for Tax resident status in Hong Kong

If you want to become a tax resident in Hong Kong, you need to complete an Application Form for Cert...
27 2021.01

Hong Kong company personnel salary precautions

With the reform and opening up and the economic development, more and more mainlanders see internati...
25 2021.01

The key to the success of offshore claims (profits tax exemption) by Hong Kong companies

Many domestic entrepreneurs may choose to incorporate a Hong Kong company to operate their internati...
24 2021.01

What subjects will the auditor focus on during the audit of a Hong Kong company?

During the audit of Hong Kong companies, auditors focus on many subjects. Today, we will focus on ba...
19 2021.01

During the period of cancellation of the Hong Kong company, should I also do annual inspection?

1After the cancellation application of a Hong Kong company, many people may notice such a question, ...

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