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24 2021.02

How to determine the closing date of the accounting audit year of Hong Kong company

How do Hong Kong companies determine the closing date for accounting? We have two choices: one is ac...
23 2021.02

Does a Hong Kong company need to withhold salaries tax from its employees?

Hong Kong companies pay salaries to their employees. Do both companies and employees pay taxes on th...
20 2021.02

Corporate Salaries Tax payment criteria in Hong Kong

As we all know, Hong Kong has more advantages than the mainland in terms of tax scope and tax rate. ...
18 2021.02

What should Hong Kong company do to change its address after registration?

Hong Kong company registered in the daily operation and management, there are many matters need to b...
17 2021.02

Analysis of Confirmation in corporate audit in Hong Kong

In the audit of a company in Hong Kong, there are two aspects of confirmation. On the one hand, it r...
16 2021.02

Profit tax loss recovery in Hong Kong company audit

In the audit of a Hong Kong company, can the loss of the current year be made up by the taxable inco...
15 2021.02

Hong Kong company business entertainment expenses related deduction

After many mainland enterprises will carry out business income tax settlement. Some enterprises with...
14 2021.02

What harm does HongKong company do not declare tax all the time after registration?

According to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance, a company registered in Hong Kong is required t...
13 2021.02

Hague Certification in the establishment of Macau company

Some domestic enterprises, because of business development needs, will choose to set up companies in...
12 2021.02

What content can be changed after the Hong Kong company is registered?

After the company is registered in Hong Kong, due to various reasons, the subsequent development of ...

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