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04 2021.01

Do Hong Kong companies have to pay tax for their business operations in the mainland?

After the registration of many Hong Kong companies, there is no business in Hong Kong, and the busin...
03 2021.01

Summary of Common Problems Encountered in Corporate Auditing in Hong Kong (Part 2)

In the summary (above) of some problems we often encounter in the audit of companies in Hong Kong, w...
02 2021.01

Summary of Common Problems Encountered in Corporate Auditing in Hong Kong (Part 1)

Nowadays, many Hong Kong companies in the market always encounter different problems in auditing, an...
31 2020.12

The difference between annual audit and audit in Hong Kong

Many clients' Hong Kong companies have some confusion about what annual audit and audit respectively...
31 2020.12

The difference between individual and legal person registered Hong Kong companies

There is no need to go to Hong Kong to handle the establishment of a Hong Kong company in the name o...
30 2020.12

Hong Kong profits tax declaration

Hong Kong's tax system is much simpler than that of mainland China. Under normal circumstances, Hong...
29 2020.12

What is Hong Kong Company Departure Tax?

Departure tax refers to income from intellectual property acquired in Hong Kong by companies outside...
24 2020.12

Advantages of enterprises in the UAE Free Trade Zone

China is now the second largest trading partner of Arab countries, and has signed bilateral inter-go...
24 2020.12

The characteristics of the UAE tax system

2013 20162019years7 Indeed, in just a few years, the Belt and Road cooperation between China and Ara...
23 2020.12

Do Hong Kong companies need to provide audit papers for merger audit

At present, many domestic entrepreneurs will set up Hong Kong companies in Hong Kong, and then inves...

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