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15 2021.01

Notes on the use of bills in the audit of Hong Kong companies

In today's world, international trade is booming, so in Hong Kong, the Asian financial center, there...
14 2021.01

How should Hong Kong companies reduce their registered capital

During the operation of a Hong Kong company, some customers want to reduce the registered capital of...
14 2021.01

Matters needing attention in the process of cancellation of Hong Kong company

If your Hong Kong company does not operate, it is necessary to handle the cancellation procedure in ...
10 2021.01

Corporate salaries tax threshold in Hong Kong

How should personal salaries tax be levied on the remuneration of directors or shareholders in the c...
09 2021.01

What happens if a Hong Kong company is estimated to pay profits tax?

In addition to the profits tax return for the first time, the tax bureau will issue a tax return at ...
09 2021.01

How to reinstate a Hong Kong company after its cancellation

Our company always encounters some customers' response: my Hong Kong company has regretted after the...
08 2021.01

Do offshore claims (profits tax exemption) by Hong Kong companies need to be made every year?

Offshore claim (also known as profits tax exemption) refers to the fact that the operating profits o...
08 2021.01

Hong Kong company important controller record

2018years3month1The Hong Kong Companies Registry has implemented the2018Companies (Amendment) Ordina...
07 2021.01

Tax knowledge required in the audit of a company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an important international financial, trade and shipping center in the Asia-Pacific reg...
06 2021.01

Hong Kong company bank account

When a Hong Kong company is registered, it can open bank accounts in banks all over the world. The H...

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