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09 2021.03

Travel notes of Hong Kong company

With the rapid development of our economy, more and more people have set up their own Hong Kong comp...
09 2021.03

What are the requirements for registering a company in Macao?

Apart from applying for registration in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Dubai of the United Arab Emirates, m...
07 2021.03

Is secretarial service required for registration of a Hong Kong company?

Since most of the customers are not Hong Kong people or Hong Kong companies with secretary licences,...
07 2021.03

What are the procedures for making audit reports in Hong Kong?

Procedures for audit reporting by Hong Kong companies
06 2021.03

Hong Kong company registration must beware of stepping on the pit

It is relatively easier to register a Hong Kong company than a domestic company, mainly because Hong...
04 2021.03

The difference between ODI and FDI

ODIwithFDIThe difference between
28 2021.02

What are the advantages of registering a Hong Kong company for foreign trade?

What are the benefits of registered companies in Hong Kong for foreign trade? There are the followin...
27 2021.02

On Salaries tax policy in Hong Kong

2020China's Hong Kong audit began in 1997, and there were no shortage of them2020Some newly establis...
25 2021.02

Do I need to go to Hong Kong in person for company registration?

Recently Xiaobian noticed that there are customer questions: registered Hong Kong companies should n...
24 2021.02

How to determine the closing date of the accounting audit year of Hong Kong company

How do Hong Kong companies determine the closing date for accounting? We have two choices: one is ac...