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16 2021.04

Hong Kong company pit: Address changes frequently

There are many Hong Kong companies in the market that have been established for many years,You will ...
15 2021.04

What documents do Hong Kong companies need for annual inspection?

After the company is registered in Hong Kong, it needs annual inspection once a year. Handling the a...
13 2021.04

Does the investment subsidiary of the Hong Kong company need to make a consolidated statement?

In the audit of a Hong Kong company, there are often cases of investment in subsidiaries, so do the ...
11 2021.04

Hong Kong company revenue and cost recognition method?

Recently, it is the peak period for corporate auditing in Hong Kong12.31The clients of the date date...
10 2021.04

Common Comments and Notes in Audit Reports of Hong Kong Companies?

Last time we said that the audit report of the Hong Kong company has4Kind of opinion, Hong Kong comp...
09 2021.04

How do Hong Kong companies repatriate their profits?

Many customers who have registered with Hong Kong companies have a question: If they make money from...
08 2021.04

The importance of bank documents for the audit of Hong Kong companies

Recently, as the epidemic has dissipated, import and export trade has picked up greatly, so many tra...
07 2021.04

Does a Hong Kong accountant recognize a confirmation letter that has been verified by a domestic accountant?

Many domestic enterprises have set up subsidiaries in Hong Kong. Hong Kong companies have to entrust...
06 2021.04

Hong Kong individual income tax

Hong Kong Personal income Tax (i.e. Salaries Tax) is taxable on income derived from or received from...
06 2021.04

Hong Kong company registration must be strictly prevent those stepping pit

Hong Kong companies are easier to register than domestic companies. The key is that Hong Kong compan...

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