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31 2021.03

Apart from reducing tax costs, how can Hong Kong companies help?

Before registering a Hong Kong company, many clients will ask: How can a Hong Kong company help me i...
30 2021.03

How is the business scope of a Hong Kong company determined?

Many domestic enterprises will choose to register Hong Kong companies to expand business, so in the ...
30 2021.03

What if a registered Hong Kong company is expected to pay profits tax?

In addition to the first time the company registered in Hong Kong will be issued profits tax return,...
29 2021.03

How salaries tax is calculated in Hong Kong

As we all know, Hong Kong is the financial center in Asia. Its most notable feature is its low tax b...
29 2021.03

Can sales commission in audit of Hong Kong company be deducted in full?

In the audit of Hong Kong companies, the sales commission of Hong Kong companies is a relatively com...
28 2021.03

What should I do if the Revenue Department does not issue the profits tax receipt?

After the Hong Kong company completes the audit report, fills in the tax return and submits it to th...
28 2021.03

How can a Hong Kong company pay tax without actual operation?

If a Hong Kong company does not purchase any property, it is mainly subject to profits tax. The prof...
27 2021.03

Hong Kong Company due diligence and significant controller retention

2018years3month1The Hong Kong Companies Registry has implemented the2018Companies (Amendment) Ordina...
27 2021.03

Tax policy on welfare payments

2020At the end of the year, many companies in mainland China have started the final settlement of co...
25 2021.03

What should be Noted in the Audit Report of a Hong Kong Company?

Because the audit report format of Hong Kong company is different from that of domestic audit report...

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