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05 2021.05

How to distinguish between onshore and offshore trade?

Recently, when I was doing an audit in Hong Kong, I encountered various problems. Today, I would lik...
03 2021.05

How to determine the travel expenses in the audit of a Hong Kong company?

With the economic globalization, more and more people from the mainland set up their own Hong Kong c...
03 2021.05

Are consolidated subsidiary statements required for Hong Kong company audit?

Many business owners who go abroad to explore overseas markets often choose to register a Hong Kong ...
01 2021.05

Hong Kong company audit must pay attention to this!

Because of its low tax rate, narrow tax base and other characteristics, Hong Kong has been favored b...
26 2021.04

The audited accounts of Hong Kong companies must be reconciled in the current year

2020Some Hong Kong companies audit their own accounts, have their own account set, some companies is...
26 2021.04

Company registered address and office address in Hong Kong

Hong Kong companies are different from mainland Chinese companies. The registered address of mainlan...
25 2021.04

Can I apply for extension of Hong Kong company tax return?

The first profit tax return after the company is registered in Hong Kong will be sent to the custome...
25 2021.04

The concept of Rates and ratepayers for Hong Kong companies

In the audit of Hong Kong companies, most Hong Kong companies do not involve rates tax. However, the...
24 2021.04

What are the advantages of registering a Dubai company?

23 2021.04

Is a registered Hong Kong company tax evasion?

Many entrepreneurs will ask, I registered a company in Hong Kong will not be identified as tax evasi...