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14 2021.06

What are the common situations of reserved opinion audit report?

In the accounting of Hong Kong companies and in the audit of Hong Kong companies, the opinion of the...
14 2021.06

How to determine whether the profits of a Hong Kong company belong to overseas profits?

Every Hong Kong limited company is required to submit an auditor's report (the domestic audit report...
13 2021.06

Commission advantage of Hong Kong company

There is no foreign exchange control in Hong Kong. The commission of overseas clients is received an...
13 2021.06

Information and time required for incorporation in Hong Kong

For the registration of a Hong Kong company, the following documents are required: company name (in ...
12 2021.06

What information should be provided to the auditor during an audit of a Hong Kong company?

The audit of a Hong Kong company is one of the conditions for the normal operation of a company. The...
11 2021.06

Taxes involved in registering a Hong Kong company

Hong Kong's tax system is characterized by a narrow tax base and low tax rate. Basically, Hong Kong ...
09 2021.06

How does a Hong Kong company with overseas warehouses take stock during the audit?

With the continuous development of e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce is on the rise. Many domestic...
08 2021.06

Hong Kong corporate profits tax

Hong Kong corporate profits tax is a tax calculated and levied on the onshore profits of Hong Kong c...
07 2021.06

Hong Kong companies do cross-border e-commerce and international trade, stock counting should pay attention to!

With the development of the world economy, more and more people set up companies in Hong Kong and ca...
06 2021.06

How do I distinguish whether I pay Hong Kong Salaries Tax?

For Hong Kong companies, when doing the Hong Kong audit and tax declaration, it often involves the s...

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