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15 2021.07

What is the process of filing tax returns in Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong corporate Tax return means that a company must file a tax return to the Hong Kong gove...
14 2021.07

What are the requirements for commission entry in Hong Kong company's audit?

In the course of operation, a Hong Kong company may pay commissions to others due to business needs....
13 2021.07

How is profits tax calculated in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong company tax system has the characteristics of narrow tax base, low tax rate, basically a H...
13 2021.07

How to do annual inspection of Hong Kong company?

In fact, the annual inspection of Hong Kong companies is very simple. It mainly consists of three ma...
12 2021.07

Hong Kong company annual inspection does not handle the consequences on time?

A Hong Kong limited company in2020years8month28According to the requirements of the Hong Kong Compan...
12 2021.07

Must Hong Kong company audit tax return do?

All companies registered in Hong Kong are required to do an audit and tax return once a year in a no...
11 2021.07

Hong Kong company audit tax return should pay attention to the closing date

When Hong Kong company audit tax declaration, the choice of closing day can have two. One is cutoff3...
11 2021.07

How to deal with inventory items in the audit and accounting of Hong Kong company?

Many clients have inventory items in the accounting and tax declaration of Hong Kong companies and i...
10 2021.07

What is the latest tax filing deadline for Hong Kong companies?

Since the beginning of this year, the global epidemic has stabilized and the global economy has begu...
09 2021.07

Hong Kong company tax return what situation can zero declaration?

Under the Hong Kong tax law, any Hong Kong limited company must file an annual tax return to the Hon...

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