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24 2021.07

Hong Kong company tax advertising expenses processing

The epidemic in China has been stabilizing since last year, and with the stabilization of the epidem...
22 2021.07

Hong Kong company does not declare on time what are the penalties?

Hong Kong company tax is divided into two kinds, one is issued tax return, one is not issued tax ret...
21 2021.07

What is the deadline for filing profits tax returns in Hong Kong?

At present, a lot of domestic customers registered in Hong Kong company, after the registration of H...
20 2021.07

What do Hong Kong companies need to pay attention to?

If a Hong Kong company wants to change the shareholders of a Hong Kong company in the process of ope...
20 2021.07

What do I need to do every year after I register my company in Hong Kong?

After the company is registered in Hong Kong, the annual inspection and tax declaration should be do...
19 2021.07

What expenses can not be deducted before tax in Hong Kong?

When doing the audit and tax declaration of Hong Kong company, we must pay attention to the fact tha...
18 2021.07

Registration procedures and information required in Hong Kong

For the registration of a Hong Kong company, our company will make a signed document and give it to ...
18 2021.07

Hong Kong company audit accounts receivable confirmation?

It can be seen in the accounting and tax declaration of Hong Kong companies and the audit of Hong Ko...
17 2021.07

Is it easy to register a company in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong company registration is not difficult, as long as the name is approved, then you only need...
17 2021.07

Hong Kong company tax business entertainment expenses processing

Since last year, the global epidemic has basically stabilized, and the global economy has recovered....

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