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29 2021.09

Hong Kong companies and domestic companies personal loan interest expenses

We all know that cash flow is the lifeblood of a company. If cash is insufficient, the company needs...
28 2021.09

How to describe the unqualified opinion in Hong Kong company audit?

In the process of accounting, auditing and tax declaration of a Hong Kong company, what everyone car...
28 2021.09

How to restore Hong Kong company after cancellation?

Have done the deregistration of the company in Hong Kong, and want to resume the registration and st...
26 2021.09

How to apply for Tax Resident in Hong Kong?

In general, people who meet the following conditions may apply for tax resident status in Hong Kong.
25 2021.09

The Difference between Hong Kong Company Profits Tax Advance and the Mainland?

Since the beginning of this year, the global economy has stepped into a steady recovery, and interna...
24 2021.09

Does the incorporation of a Hong Kong company reduce tax costs in international trade?

In the current globalization process, more and more companies in international trade, in order to re...
23 2021.09

Can the mainland staff deduct the tax after receiving the salary in Hong Kong and returning to the mainland during the audit and accounting of the Hong Kong company?

Accounting in Hong Kong, audit in Hong Kong, and tax declaration in Hong Kong during the fiscal year...
23 2021.09

How can a director of a Hong Kong company apply for an immigration record in Hong Kong?

According to the Hong Kong Tax law, the profits of a Hong Kong company are derived from outside Hong...
22 2021.09

Legal basis for annual company inspection in Hong Kong

According to the Hong Kong Company Law, even the annual inspection of Hong Kong companies must be ha...
22 2021.09

Pay attention! Hong Kong company annual audit to pay attention to this time!

I believe that many friends have a certain understanding of the annual audit of Hong Kong companies,...

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