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14 2021.11

Hong Kong profits tax adjustment matters

In the process of accounting, auditing and tax declaration of Hong Kong companies, what you are most...
13 2021.11

Can the audit commission of a Hong Kong company be deducted according to the facts?

Hong Kong is the financial center of Asia. Most mainland companies and individuals with internationa...
12 2021.11

Can Hong Kong company annual inspection be entrusted to other secretarial companies?

After the establishment of a Hong Kong limited company, the annual inspection of the Hong Kong compa...
11 2021.11

How to register DMCC Dubai?

Dubai's Hardware City Free Zone can also be called Dubai Free Trade Zone for multi-commodity trading...
10 2021.11

Do Hong Kong companies need to pay tax on digital currency investment?

If a client uses a Hong Kong company to invest in bitcoin and other digital currencies, will they ha...
09 2021.11

Is it chargeable to salaries tax to pay the tuition fee of the employee director

In order to cultivate talents, the company will provide employees with many learning opportunities a...
09 2021.11

The difference between the Mainland and Hong Kong in business entertainment expenses

Many companies with both Hong Kong and mainland companies will find that there is a difference betwe...
08 2021.11

Can I apply for exemption of Stamp Duty on conversion of shares of Hong Kong companies?

Hong Kong company transfer stamp duty can apply for exemption, but it needs to meet certain conditio...
07 2021.11

How to apply for a Hong Kong Entrepreneurship Permit?

How can a mainland person apply for a Hong Kong start-up visa after setting up a company in Hong Kon...
04 2021.11

How can a Hong Kong company declare tax if its business is suspended?

Many entrepreneurs have registered Hong Kong companies to operate international business. If the com...

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