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15 2021.12

How to calculate profit tax in accounting audit of Hong Kong company?

In the process of accounting and auditing of Hong Kong companies, everyone should be most concerned ...
14 2021.12

Paragraph description of an unqualified opinion in the audit report of a Hong Kong company

In the accounting and tax declaration of Hong Kong companies, many enterprises are not very clear ab...
14 2021.12

What is the amount of audited bank deposits in Hong Kong company?

In the audit of a company in Hong Kong, the auditor requires the client to confirm all the bank acco...
13 2021.12

Why are Hong Kong companies forced to change their names by the Companies Registry?

The main words in the name of the customer's Hong Kong company are referred to a well-known internat...
12 2021.12

What is a Certified copy of a Hong Kong Company?

When a Hong Kong company opens an account in a bank after its registration, the major banks will req...
10 2021.12

Singapore company annual audit and audit tax return

Singapore company annual audit (that is, annual inspection) is a way of supervision and management o...
09 2021.12

Why is it so easy to register a Hong Kong company but so hard to open an account?

The registration of Hong Kong companies has become a springboard for more and more enterprises to go...
08 2021.12

Does the balance of the Hong Kong company's account affect the tax liability?

Many people register Hong Kong companies and open bank accounts after registration to operate intern...
08 2021.12

What content can be changed after the Hong Kong company is registered?

After the company is registered in Hong Kong, due to various reasons, the subsequent development of ...
07 2021.12

The impact of the choice of the closing date of the Hong Kong company on the Hong Kong audit and tax return?

When doing the audit of the Hong Kong company, pay attention to the closing date of the Hong Kong co...