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23 2021.12

Can Hong Kong company change the registered secretary?

The client's Hong Kong company has been established for three years. Due to poor communication with ...
22 2021.12

Hong Kong company audit tax returns the most important two types of taxes!

With the development of the economy, more and more mainlanders see business opportunities such as in...
21 2021.12

How to deal with tax receipt for Hong Kong company?

The Hong Kong Companies Inland Revenue Department will issue profits tax returns to Hong Kong compan...
21 2021.12

Do I need to pay corporate profits tax in advance?

After the company is registered in Hong Kong, it needs to issue the audit report of Hong Kong compan...
20 2021.12

How do Hong Kong companies transfer shares?

Transfer of shares of Hong Kong companies that do not operate in Hong Kong, only the old and new sha...
19 2021.12

What information do I need to register a company in Hong Kong?

With the development of international economy, now more and more enterprises will choose to register...
18 2021.12

What should Hong Kong company do in annual inspection?

Hong Kong company annual inspection is actually very simple, generally completed3Just one item.
17 2021.12

What is Hong Kong Company Departure Tax?

Hong Kong Company Departure tax refers to the income earned by a company outside Hong Kong from acqu...
16 2021.12

How long does it take to cancel a Hong Kong company?

Many entrepreneurs register a Hong Kong company to do international business. When the business deve...
16 2021.12

Does the bank account registration document of a newly registered Hong Kong company need to be verified?

Hong Kong companies generally choose to open bank accounts after the completion of registration. Gen...