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03 2022.01

How to deal with the inventory in the audit of a Hong Kong company?

According to the laws of Hong Kong, every Hong Kong company, as long as it has operations, must entr...
02 2022.01

How do Hong Kong companies do equity change?

If it is an inactive Hong Kong company, it only needs the new and old shareholders to sign the signa...
30 2021.12

Is secretarial service necessary for the registration of a Hong Kong company?

According to Chapter 32 of the Hong Kong Company Law, two conditions must be met for the registratio...
27 2021.12

How to determine the business scope of a registered Hong Kong company?

With the development of international economy, now more and more enterprises will choose to apply fo...
27 2021.12

Analysis of excise tax applied by Singapore company

If the tax income of the Singapore company in that year exceeds100Ten thousand Singapore dollars mus...
26 2021.12

What are the differences in tax policies between Hong Kong and the mainland?

When many people use Hong Kong companies for business activities, most Hong Kong companies will incu...
23 2021.12

Do I need to make a material controller reserve for company registration in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong company registration is required to make a significant controller reserve.
23 2021.12

Can Hong Kong company change the registered secretary?

The client's Hong Kong company has been established for three years. Due to poor communication with ...
22 2021.12

Hong Kong company audit tax returns the most important two types of taxes!

With the development of the economy, more and more mainlanders see business opportunities such as in...
21 2021.12

How to deal with tax receipt for Hong Kong company?

The Hong Kong Companies Inland Revenue Department will issue profits tax returns to Hong Kong compan...

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