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17 2022.01

The application of offshore profit judgment of Hong Kong companies

We know that if a Hong Kong company engages in offshore business, that is to say, its profits are ea...
16 2022.01

Early to see early to know, Ring Ze on Hong Kong company annual audit overdue consequences!

Hong Kong company registration management and domestic companies will be different, familiar with th...
15 2022.01

Is there any tax risk in Hong Kong company if there is no personnel wage expenditure?

Many Hong Kong companies do not pay personnel wages in their daily operations. In this case, account...
13 2022.01

The annual audit of Hong Kong company has not been handled, how to recover after being dissolved?

Now there are a lot of Hong Kong companies on the market after registration, did not open an account...
13 2022.01

What is the transfer process of a Hong Kong company to a director?

The directors determined after the registration of a Hong Kong company are the managers responsible ...
12 2022.01

The criteria for determining tax resident enterprises in Hong Kong

According to our company's experience, we need to establish Hong Kong tax resident enterprises in or...
10 2022.01

Will Hong Kong company audit tax return not on time have penalty?

When we do the audit tax return of Hong Kong companies, we generally encounter two situations. One o...
10 2022.01

Do Hong Kong companies need to withhold salaries tax?

Companies in mainland China shall withhold and pay individual income tax when paying salaries to the...
09 2022.01

How is the paid-in capital handled when Hong Kong company makes accounts?

Hong Kong company registration is the same as the mainland with subscription system, as long as the ...
08 2022.01

Does Hong Kong company have to pay tax on salary income?

If we receive salary income from a Hong Kong company, do we need to pay salaries tax in Hong Kong? G...

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