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08 2022.02

How to do business by registering a Hong Kong company?

A lot of coastal businesses from2000Since the beginning of the year, the registration of Hong Kong c...
07 2022.02

Does Hong Kong company need to prepare in advance for accounting audit tax declaration?

Hong Kong company to do the account and the mainland tax declaration is not the same, the mainland c...
06 2022.02

How can a Hong Kong company waive the surcharge on instalments

Under the Inland Revenue Ordinance, a Hong Kong company may levy no more than the amount of tax outs...
05 2022.02

What are the advantages of offshore incorporation compared to others?

Offshore company registration mainly refers to companies that do not operate in the place of registr...
04 2022.02

Is it better to register a Hong Kong or Singapore company for international business?

At present, many foreign trade enterprises operate their international business by setting up compan...
04 2022.02

Hong Kong company annual audit main content must know!

Hong Kong company annual audit must be in the first anniversary of the establishment of the company ...
03 2022.02

Remember, Hong Kong company registered late management of two major problems to pay attention to

Compared with the late operation and maintenance of offshore companies, Hong Kong companies need ann...
03 2022.02

Hong Kong company tax way of big inventory, let's have a look

When entrepreneurs set up a Hong Kong company according to the Company Law, all the established clie...
02 2022.02

Hong Kong company annual audit expired how to do? This is what Ring Ze teaches you

Many domestic customers registered in Hong Kong companies do not pay enough attention to the annual ...
02 2022.02

How should Hong Kong company annual audit handle? These four things must be seen!

How should Hong Kong company annual audit handle?The annual audit of a Hong Kong company is an impor...