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21 2022.03

Can the Hong Kong company change the annual closing date?

The annual settlement date of Hong Kong company tax declaration can be modified, and there are two m...
21 2022.03

Do I need to apply for a trademark in Hong Kong to use a Hong Kong company for brand operation?

Now more and more domestic companies like to go to overseas countries or regions to register a compa...
19 2022.03

Must Hong Kong dollar be the accounting standard currency for Hong Kong companies?

Recently, a customer has asked us whether the accounting standard currency of a Hong Kong company mu...
18 2022.03

How to use Hong Kong companies to promote APP overseas and other service trade?

Many customers use Hong Kong companies to do entrepotage trade for offshore operations, which is qui...
17 2022.03

How to register Dubai DMCC Company?

A center for the trading of many commodities(Hereinafter referred to asDMCC)Was founded in2002Years ...
17 2022.03

How to apply for a Hong Kong tax ID?

In general, people who meet the following conditions may apply for tax resident status in Hong Kong.
15 2022.03

How to use Hong Kong registered company for brand operation?

With the development of the global economy, now more and more consumers tend to choose foreign brand...
14 2022.03

How do Hong Kong companies differentiate between onshore and offshore profits?

Recently, when I was doing the audit of a Hong Kong company, I encountered such a problem. The busin...
10 2022.03

Why do Chinese companies need to file investment records when investing overseas?

Due to the foreign exchange control in China, the investment funds of Chinese enterprises in setting...
09 2022.03

Does Hong Kong company need to pay tax on shareholder change?

At present, many domestic enterprises or individuals choose to register Hong Kong companies to do in...

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