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22 2022.04

Do inactive Hong Kong companies need to do annual inspection and tax return every year?

For the operating company established in Hong Kong, whether it has received the tax form or not, it ...
21 2022.04

How should Hong Kong company audit tax declaration meet the problem of bill?

When we do the audit and tax declaration of Hong Kong companies, we often encounter such a problem t...
21 2022.04

What are the differences between the registration of a Hong Kong company in the name of an individual and a legal person?

When registering a company in Hong Kong, many customers will consider to register in the name of an ...
20 2022.04

What are the common taxes in the operation of Hong Kong companies?

In the process of company audit, accounting and tax declaration in Hong Kong, many enterprises are n...
20 2022.04

Hong Kong company annual audit online declaration know how many?

At present, the COVID-19 epidemic is very serious in Hong Kong, so the Hong Kong Tax Bureau and the ...
19 2022.04

Does the Hong Kong company have inventory at the end of the audit period?

Now many Hong Kong companies have begun to handle the audit, and some of them have inventories at th...
18 2022.04

Introduction to the Singapore WP Work Permit

Singapore Migrant Worker work PermitWP, full nameWork Permit.WPFor semi-skilled migrant workers in t...
18 2022.04

Hong Kong tax resident identification of important conditions!

When a Hong Kong company transfers shares to a mainland Chinese company, the Chinese company withhol...
17 2022.04

Introduction to the Singapore SP Work Permit

Singapore Employment PassSP, full nameSpecial Pass.SPThe pass is applicable to qualified foreign wor...
16 2022.04

Introduction to the Singapore EP Work Permit

Singapore Employment PassEP, full nameEmployment Pass. It is the highest level work permit for forei...

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