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03 2022.05

Do Hong Kong companies need to pay attention to onshore and offshore business?

Many Hong Kong companies are engaged in offshore trade5-7After the time limit of the year, there may...
02 2022.05

What should Hong Kong company do with cash or inventory at the end of audit period?

The audit of Hong Kong companies has begun. Many companies in Hong Kong have started the audit work....
30 2022.04

How can a Hong Kong company conduct a search?

Many customers will ask, Hong Kong company registered after can do search. The answer is yes.
28 2022.04

Why should the Hong Kong company that does not use it withdraw?

After the Hong Kong company determines not to use it, it shall timely handle the cancellation of the...
28 2022.04

Is there any capital requirement for registered Hong Kong companies?

The information of the registered Hong Kong company is generally required to provide the name of the...
27 2022.04

After the account of Hong Kong company is cancelled, do I need to confirm the audit?

At present, a large number of Chinese entrepreneurs have registered their companies in Hong Kong to ...
26 2022.04

How to do bank confirmation in Hong Kong Company audit?

After we receive the customer's audit information, the first step is to do the bank confirmation let...
26 2022.04

Why should Hong Kong companies make offshore claims when auditing tax returns?

The profits tax of a company in Hong Kong is levied on the source of its profits. Hong Kong does not...
25 2022.04

Analysis of tax deductions and exemptions for Hong Kong companies in the year of taxation

During the audit of a Hong Kong company, if the company has taxable income adjusted for tax payment,...
22 2022.04

Is trading with a Hong Kong company an onshore business?

In the recent audit of a Hong Kong company, the client's Hong Kong company engaged in trade with a H...

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