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04 2022.06

Is personal income subject to Salaries Tax in Hong Kong?

Personal income in Hong Kong is subject to salaries tax in Hong Kong, just as personal income tax is...
02 2022.06

Hong Kong identity how to do marriage records notarial certification?

Recently, I met a customer with Hong Kong identity. She needs to immigrate to Australia, so her marr...
31 2022.05

Hong Kong company audit on revenue recognition problem!

When I was doing the audit of a company in Hong Kong, the customer asked about revenue recognition. ...
30 2022.05

Can I apply for an extension of Hong Kong Profits Tax schedule?

When a tax form is issued to a Hong Kong company by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department, it will...
30 2022.05

About the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department account information exchange policy!

To enhance tax transparency and combat cross-border tax evasion in Hong Kong, the Organisation for E...
29 2022.05

Can the Hong Kong company change secretarial companies at any time?

Now, more and more mainland enterprises will register Hong Kong companies, brand operation, or do in...
28 2022.05

How can I verify that a bank account has been closed?

After we receive the customer's audit information, the first step is to conduct the audit and confir...
26 2022.05

What information does a Hong Kong company need to provide when completing an employee Return?

Currently, the Hong Kong Tax Bureau has issued it2021/2022Employee return for the year of assessment...
25 2022.05

Why are more and more people choosing to incorporate their companies in Hong Kong?

With the globalization of economy and trade, more and more enterprises will choose to register Hong ...
24 2022.05

The Hong Kong company has applied for cancellation, do we need to do annual inspection?

If a Hong Kong company ceases to use the company, it shall submit corresponding applications to the ...

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