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29 2022.05

Can the Hong Kong company change secretarial companies at any time?

Now, more and more mainland enterprises will register Hong Kong companies, brand operation, or do in...
28 2022.05

How can I verify that a bank account has been closed?

After we receive the customer's audit information, the first step is to conduct the audit and confir...
26 2022.05

What information does a Hong Kong company need to provide when completing an employee Return?

Currently, the Hong Kong Tax Bureau has issued it2021/2022Employee return for the year of assessment...
25 2022.05

Why are more and more people choosing to incorporate their companies in Hong Kong?

With the globalization of economy and trade, more and more enterprises will choose to register Hong ...
24 2022.05

The Hong Kong company has applied for cancellation, do we need to do annual inspection?

If a Hong Kong company ceases to use the company, it shall submit corresponding applications to the ...
24 2022.05

Is there a validity period for the business registration certificate of a Hong Kong company?

The business registration certificate of a company in Hong Kong has a period of validity, which is g...
23 2022.05

What are the requirements for bank confirmation in the audit of a Hong Kong company?

This is the peak period for corporate audits in Hong Kong, during which a large number of Hong Kong ...
22 2022.05

Hong Kong company has inventory, what will be the impact on the audit?

If the Hong Kong company has inventory, it should be inventoryed at the end of the fiscal year. Ther...
21 2022.05

American company types and taxes!

American companies are taxed globally. There are two main types of companies:C CORPwithLLCThe compan...
20 2022.05

Is there Tax Risk in Hong Kong Company profit fluctuation?

At present, a Hong Kong company is almost the standard arrangement for international business. In or...