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01 2022.08

How do I pay tax to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department?

How can you pay tax to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department when you receive a tax notice from th...
31 2022.07

Do Hong Kong companies need to pay tax on dividends?

In addition to the convenience of Hong Kong companies for overseas trade, many people also use Hong ...
30 2022.07

What documents do Singapore companies need to file tax returns?

After the company is registered in Singapore, it needs to do the annual audit and tax declaration ev...
28 2022.07

Does a Hong Kong company have to be onshore when it has transactions with other Hong Kong companies?

Hong Kong companies are the preferred tool for many domestic companies to do international business ...
28 2022.07

What are the pros and cons of registering a Cayman company?

As the world's fifth largest financial center, Cayman companies are considered the most commonly use...
27 2022.07

Can the unrecognized income of Hong Kong company be reflected in the audit report?

Recently, I received the audit business of a Hong Kong company, which is controlled by another legal...
26 2022.07

What is the difference between Hong Kong and the Mainland?

If a Hong Kong company makes advertising expenses, can the auditor deduct them when calculating prof...
26 2022.07

What is the difference between Hong Kong and Mainland China on welfare deduction?

The annual income tax settlement in mainland China is over, and the closing date in Hong Kong is in1...
25 2022.07

How to do accounts after the company is registered in Hong Kong?

With the development of global economy, many enterprises in mainland China will choose to register t...
25 2022.07

What is the process of notary documents related to resolution in China?

After customers register Hong Kong companies, some of them want to use Hong Kong companies to invest...

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