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30 2022.11

How to pay profits tax in advance in Hong Kong?

Many mainland enterprises want to set up companies in Hong Kong. For such companies, we must first u...
29 2022.11

Is it complicated to change directors in Hong Kong?

Now more and more enterprises will use Hong Kong companies to operate international trade. Sometimes...
27 2022.11

What is the secondary corporate Tax rate in Hong Kong?

When filing a tax form in Hong Kong, there will be an option for a secondary tax rate. So what is th...
26 2022.11

Does the Hong Kong company engaged in chip production and sale pay the license fee need to pay the departure tax?

In the field of chips, the industrial chain has a high degree of international division of labor. Ma...
25 2022.11

Hong Kong company auditors focus on large fees!

When doing the audit and tax declaration of Hong Kong companies, we often encounter various problems...
24 2022.11

How to deal with the scrapped goods of Hong Kong Company?

In the normal operation process, the Hong Kong company will face unsalable goods and outdated produc...
23 2022.11

How to determine the non-Hong Kong profits of a Hong Kong company?

The client's Hong Kong company received a tax reply question from the Hong Kong Tax Bureau. The clie...
22 2022.11

What are the criteria for determining Hong Kong companies' overseas profits?

The client is engaged in international trade, and his buyers and sellers are not from Hong Kong. Cur...
20 2022.11

What are the items of departure tax withheld by Hong Kong companies?

A client audited by a Hong Kong company recently received a "profits tax return" from the Hong Kong ...
19 2022.11

How to apply for a Hong Kong Entrepreneurship Permit?

People from the mainland who set up a company in Hong Kong and apply for a Hong Kong start-up visa n...

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