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15 2022.12

What should I do if I lose my Profits Tax return?

The time for the client's Hong Kong company to submit the profits tax return is approaching, but due...
14 2022.12

How can Hong Kong companies open bank accounts to improve the success rate?

After the establishment of a Hong Kong company, it is theoretically possible to open bank accounts i...
13 2022.12

How to reinstate a Hong Kong company after it is deregistered or delisted?

Some customers looking for an agent registered in Hong Kong after the company, due to poor managemen...
09 2022.12

What should I pay attention to in the travel expenses of a Hong Kong company?

Now more and more enterprises will have Hong Kong companies to operate international trade, so in th...
08 2022.12

Can Hong Kong companies pay dividends to mainland individuals?

Many people want to know whether a Hong Kong company can pay dividends to mainland individuals. In f...
07 2022.12

Can a Hong Kong company pay dividends to a domestic company?

Today, I would like to share with you whether Hong Kong companies can pay dividends to domestic shar...
06 2022.12

How do Hong Kong companies pay profits tax?

How should a Hong Kong company pay the profits tax receipt issued by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Bo...
05 2022.12

Analysis of common problems in Hong Kong company audit!

When doing the audit and tax declaration of Hong Kong companies, we often encounter a variety of pro...
03 2022.12

How can I obtain complete information on the identity of Hong Kong company directors?

In order to enhance the protection of personal information, the Hong Kong Government on2022years10In...
02 2022.12

How to reduce capital in the operation of Hong Kong company?

How to reduce the registered capital of a Hong Kong company during its operation?

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