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04 2023.02

What should L/C settlement pay attention to?

In international trade, the buyer and the seller do not know each other. In order to receive payment...
03 2023.02

What are the advantages of registering an offshore company?

Offshore island companies mainly refer to companies that do not operate in the place of registration...
02 2023.02

What information does East West Bank need for online confirmation?

At the beginning of the New Year, companies in Hong Kong began to do the audit and tax return one af...
31 2023.01

Can domestic companies open accounts in local banks in Singapore?

In our work, we often meet some clients who are engaged in international trade business and want to ...
28 2023.01

Can I serve as a nominated director or shareholder of a Singapore company after obtaining a Singapore work visa?

Generally, when we register a Singapore company, we need a new citizen to serve as the director of t...
27 2023.01

What are the advantages of Ring Ze Company in auditing Hong Kong companies?

Now there are a lot of customers in the market registered Hong Kong companies, most of the Hong Kong...
26 2023.01

How does Hong Kong company handle cancellation?

Hong Kong company is a very important tool for many enterprises to achieve international operation. ...
25 2023.01

Does Hong Kong company audit only provide monthly statement?

Hong Kong companies only need to provide monthly bank statements when audited, a common mistake enco...
24 2023.01

Is the conversion procedure of a Hong Kong company complicated?

Nowadays, more and more enterprises will use Hong Kong companies to operate international trade. Som...
23 2023.01

Can the loss of Hong Kong company be retained for the next year?

We all know that if the company has a loss this year, it generally hopes to make up for the profits ...

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