What is a Chinese notary document?

If a Hong Kong company wants to establish a foreign-funded enterprise or a joint venture in mainland China, it needs to notarize the materials of the Hong Kong company by a Hong Kong licensed lawyer before it can be notarized in China. This notarization is called notarization by a Chinese notary public.

Processing time:about4Working day

For Hong Kong companies to handle investment, bidding, bank account opening and other related matters outside mainland China, please click for more details International notary document

Common use of Chinese notary documents
  • 01For setting up offices in mainland China/Representative office
  • 02For the establishment of foreign-funded enterprises or joint ventures in mainland China
  • 03For prosecution or response in mainland China
  • 04To participate in bidding in mainland China
Documents required for notaries in China
  • CycloseHong Kong company
    Certificate of registration
  • CycloseHong Kong company
    Business registration certificate within the validity period
  • CycloseHong Kong company
    Articles of association
  • CycloseHong Kong company
    The latest annual return
  • CycloseIf the company has changes in directors, increase in registered capital and other matters, it also needs to provide corresponding documents
Handling process
  • 01 Relevant documents will be notarized by Hong Kong lawyers registered with the Ministry of Justice of China. The notarial certificate should indicate the purpose of the document
  • 02 Submit the notarial certificate and accompanying documents to China Legal Services (Hong Kong).Limited company with special seal for forwarding.
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● Department of Justice to file licensed attorneys It is served by licensed Hong Kong lawyers registered with China's Ministry of Justice. ● Pre-audit document Because the demand side of the document (such as: market supervision administration, court, etc.) for the document will be slightly different, entrusting some irregular companies to handle, may lead to notarized documents can not be used.

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