Advantages of incorporation in Singapore
  • 01Singapore has a superior geographical location, stable political, economic and trade environment
  • 02Loose foreign exchange controls, home to global banks, make it easy to raise capital.
  • 03Investment and double taxation protection treaties with many countries.
  • 04Singapore companies are required to conduct an annual audit of their accounts.
  • 05Singapore companies are subject to global tax. As long as the company makes profits, it is subject to income tax (the tax rate is17%Is lower than in China). 
Singapore company registration information
  • Registration particulars to be submitted 1Articles of Association and Articles of Association.
    2Affidavit of compliance.
    3, letter of appointment and affidavit of qualification.
    4Certificate of identity.
    5, company registered address and office hours report form.
    6, the directors, the company secretary and the auditor, the particulars form and the issuance record of shares after the incorporation of the company1Submit it within the next month.
  • The basic conditions of the company 1, Company name:
    Enter the English name of the company, ending withpte. ltd./limitedMake a closing remark.
    2, registered capital
    There is no maximum limit and no strict time limit for full payment of capital.
    3Business scope
    The scope of business is generally unlimited, customers can fill in according to their own needs, the number of words do not exceed28A character.
  • Requirements of company directors and shareholders 1, company director
    Ordinary companies at least1More than people, public companies at least2People above, must have1A Singapore resident or employment permit holder serves as a director of the company.
    2, the proportion of shareholders and shares of the company
    At least1If more than one person is a shareholder of a company, the director and the shareholder may be treated as the same1If more than one person is a shareholder, it is required to state the proportion of shares held by each person.
  • Other conditions of registration 1Legal secretary of the company
    After establishment of the company6Within months, it must be appointed1Legal secretary of a company.
    2The registered address of the company
    Must have a local legal registered address in Singapore.
    After the establishment of the Singapore company3A registered accounting firm must be appointed as the company's auditor within a month. Less income500Private companies of S $10,000 are exempt from annual audit.
Singapore company registration process
  • 01 Determine the intention to register, inquire the name of the company
  • 02 The customer signs the service agreement and makes the payment
  • 03 Provision of registration information
  • 04 Compile registration information, customer confirmation
  • 05 Submit to the Registrar. Registration is successful
Singapore company registration why choose Huanze?
  • CycloseSelf-developed private data management system,
    Ensure customer identity certificate and other relevant information is not leaked
  • CycloseYou can reserve a video account.
    No need to go to Singapore, convenient and fast
  • CycloseFree follow-up
    Management and tax consulting services
  • CycloseFollow-up annual inspection, tax declaration and other matters will be reminded to avoid the occurrence of overdue and resulting in fines
What are the hidden dangers of Singapore company registration
  • 1Can not effectively ensure the privacy of customer's company information and identity information and other documents .
  • 2Only provide registration services, unable to provide follow-up accounting and tax declaration services.
  • 3Do things carelessly, do not reply questions actively after customers pay money.
  • 4There is no perfect management system, the legal business after registration is not timely.
  • 5Unable to serve as nominated director, slowing down the process .

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