Why do Singapore companies open bank accounts?
  • CycloseTransnational settlementA Singapore company may settle international trade after opening an account with a bank
  • CycloseNo exchange controlWhen an account is opened in an overseas bank, funds can be freely transferred from the overseas account, which is not subject to the foreign exchange control of the Chinese mainland
  • CycloseHelp international businessIf you do not open an account, the Singapore company can only do brand operation, and can not really help the company's international trade business
Singapore company bank account
  • 01. Contact the bank to open an accountDue to the influence of region, language and time difference, it is not possible to communicate with overseas banks in a timely and smooth manner, and bank staff will not have enough time to provide detailed answers to customers' questions.
  • 02. Entrusted agencyThe agency has a great influence on the success rate and time of opening an account. Many companies fail to open bank accounts, mostly on their own or through unreliable agents, because of problems with the preparation of application materials.
Singapore company bank account to find a reliable agency-Cyclose
Singapore company bank account why choose HUANZE?
  • CycloseExperienced, high success ratekwanzawa17With industry experience, I have a detailed understanding of the account opening requirements of major banks in Singapore.
  • CycloseConvenient communication and timely responseOur contact personnel are fluent in Mandarin and English; Can provide customers with timely account opening guidance.
  • CyclosePre-review data to prevent risksOur company will first review the materials provided by customers to find out the problems before the bank and correct them in time.
  • CycloseFull participation, fast account openingWe participate in the whole process of account opening, complete information, shorten the account opening time, customers save effort and worry, twice the result with half the effort.
Singapore Corporation bank account opening service
  • 01Envelop accountNo need to buy additional wealth management products required by banks; Yes, but a full refund.Immediate consultation>>
  • 02Assist in opening an accountWhen customers sign in person at the bank of Hong Kong, they will be accompanied and received by special personnel from Hong Kong on the same day. Immediate consultation>>
  • 03Video witness account openingDirectors need not be in Singapore; Customers only need to communicate with the account manager on video at the designated time to witness; It is a more acceptable way for many customers to open an account. Immediate consultation>>

Special protection:
1) If you choose to open a package account, you do not need to buy additional financial products required by the bank;
2) If the customer's Singapore company chooses to open an account in a Hong Kong bank and go to Hong Kong to sign in person, we will have a specially-assigned person accompany the customer throughout Hong Kong on the day and taste the local special food.
3) All wrapped up, but full refund;
4The account opening director does not need to come to Singapore in person. After our company's connection in the early stage, customers only need to have face-to-face video communication with the account manager at the designated time to witness, which saves time and effort. It is the most recognized account opening method for many customers at present.
5) After the account is opened successfully, our company will remind customers of the matters needing attention to avoid the risk of account cancellation.

Account opening procedure
  • 01 Confirm account opening
  • 02 Preliminary audit
  • 03 Data supplement
  • 04 Approach the bank
  • 05 Make an appointment to open an account
  • 06 Account opening successfully

Preliminary information:Basic information of Singapore company, basic information of domestic company, asset certificate of directors and shareholders
Account opening time:In general1-2About a month, if the company has multiple layers of architecture or complex situations, the time will be extended.

Bank account opening case of Singapore company

2020years5In July, when the global epidemic was more severe, the customer registered the company and was eager to carry out the trade business of epidemic prevention materials. However, the entry and exit were restricted, and the overseas banks worked in shifts, so the customer could not contact the bank in advance, and he could not fly to the local area to handle the face-to-face visa for opening an account. Later, the customer chose our company's video witness package to open an account, and our company collected customer information and connected with banks in Singapore. After the preliminary examination, we arranged video witness between the customer and the account manager of the bank. Finally, we successfully opened a bank account in United Overseas Bank in Singapore, which quickly solved the customer's problems. It didn't hurt the client's business.

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