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Cancellation of Hong Kong company

According to the Companies Ordinance and the Taxation Ordinance of the Hong Kong Government, if a Hong Kong limited company ceases to operate, it needs to go through the cancellation procedure according to law. Cancellation time of Hong Kong Company: The company in Hong Kong shall start from the date of application for cancellation8-12A month.

Consequences of uncancelled Hong Kong companies with no operations

If your Hong Kong company is no longer in operation and fails to make annual audit and tax return on time, then you will be punished by the Companies Registry and the tax Bureau.

  • finefineWill be subject to fines by the Companies Registry and Inland Revenue Department (based on the overdue date)
  • SueSueThose who fail to settle the fine within the time limit will be prosecuted to court
  • Be blacklistedBe blacklistedIf the lawsuit is not handled by the court, the Hong Kong company will be forcibly revoked and the investor will be blacklisted.

If the Hong Kong company wants to cancel, it is suggested to cancel as soon as possible, because in the process of cancellation, if the Hong Kong company is up to the time of annual inspection, it needs to complete the annual inspection before continuing the cancellation process of the Hong Kong company. Applying for cancellation as soon as possible before the annual inspection of the next year can also save part of the annual inspection costs.

Documents required for cancellation of Hong Kong company
  • company
    Certificate of registration
  • commerce
    Registration certificate
  • anniversary
    Declaration form
  • Made by our companyNDR1And request the Inland Revenue Department to issue a signed document of no objection to the notice of deregistration
Hong Kong company cancellation process
  • 01 First, under the Inland Revenue Ordinance (No 112 Chapter) 88B Article requires the Inland Revenue Department to issue a notice of no objection to the deregistration of a company.
  • 02 Upon receipt of the application, the tax bureau will check whether the Hong Kong company has any other unfinished matters, and require the Hong Kong company to complete the unfinished matters first. If not, it will issue a notice of no objection to the deregistration of the Hong Kong company.
  • 03 Upon receipt of a notice of no objection to the deregistration of a Hong Kong company from the Inland Revenue Department andNDR1The documents are submitted together to the Companies Registry.
  • 04 The Companies Registry will make a public announcement after receiving the application for cancellation. If there is no objection after the announcement, the Hong Kong company will be cancelled.
HUANZE will be your agent

1: If the customer has a bank account, remind the customer to cancel the bank account before cancellation to prevent the loss of funds

2: Confirm customer requirements in time and start the cancellation procedure as soon as possible to avoid other costs

3We will prepare a full set of documents to save time and worry

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