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Hong Kong company tax return

According to the provisions of the Taxation Ordinance of Hong Kong, Hong Kong companies need to voluntarily declare tax to Hong Kong tax authorities every year. If a tax return is issued, the company needs to fill in the tax return and submit the tax return together with the auditor's report for the current year; if no tax return is issued, the company only needs to provide the auditor's report for the current year.

Consequences of Hong Kong companies not filing tax returns on time
  • finefineIf you do not file your tax return on time, you will be fined first1200Hong Kong dollars or3000Hong Kong dollar
  • SueSueIf the fine is not paid for a long time you will be prosecuted by the tax office
  • Be blacklistedBe blacklistedIf it has not been dealt with for a long time, the Hong Kong company shall be forcibly revoked, and the shareholders and directors of the company shall be pulled into the Hong Kong blacklist.
Documents required for Hong Kong company tax return
  • Establishment of company
    Complete set of documents
  • Annual return
  • Document of conversion of shares, directors or change of address
  • Bank statements for the tax year
  • Contracts and invoices signed with customers or suppliers during the tax year
  • Submitted to theTravel expenses for the tax yearOriginal proof of expenses, etc
  • Employee payroll for the tax year
  • Financial statements for the tax year (e.g., current statement, balance sheet, income statement, etc.)
Hong Kong company tax filing process
  • 01 Prepare financial statements according to the above documents provided by customers in accordance with Hong Kong accounting standards, and issue auditor's report.
  • 02 After the customer confirms and signs the auditor's report, our company is responsible for filling in the tax return.
  • 03 Upon submission of the completed tax return and the auditor's report, the Inland Revenue Department will assess tax on the basis of the return and the auditor's report.
  • 04 Issue a tax notice and pay tax according to the actual situation.
HUANZE 17 professional experience as your agent

1: Our own professional Hong Kong accountants assist clients in preparing financial statements and issuing auditor's reports

2: Our company will communicate with our clients about their problems in advance, inform them of the problems and possible consequences, give professional advice to them on how to deal with these problems, and try our best to help them issue an auditor's report with unreserved opinions to reduce tax risks.

3: Our company has offices in mainland China and Hong Kong. We have our own employees in Hong Kong. It is convenient to communicate with each other and submit documents to the government quickly and efficiently. 

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