Advantages of incorporation in Dubai
  • 01Business information shall be kept secret, and the identity of shareholders and directors shall be hidden
  • 02Enterprises in the free zone50No income tax is paid every year
  • 03Export tax exemption for enterprises in the free zone
  • 04Employees in the free zone are exempt from personal income tax
  • 05One person can be a shareholder and director of a company at the same time. There is no nationality restriction, can apply for a work visa, has an immigration record, but does not accept immigration
  • 06Machinery, equipment, spare parts and essential goods produced by enterprises in the free zone will be exempted from tariffs
  • 07There are no foreign exchange controls, and currencies are freely convertible
  • 08Advantageous geographical location, all kinds of exhibitions are held in the Free trade zone all year round, which can spread to the Middle East and surrounding countries20100 million consumer market
The danger of unreliable agencies
  • CycloseIt is not a local agent in Dubai. It is a third-level agent partner. It is unreliable
  • CycloseUnable to provide follow-up support or services
  • CyclosePoor communication and language
  • CycloseUnable to solve the question, reply in time
Why do you want to register Dubai company?
● Local registered agent in Dubai,
Cicada Dubai Free Trade Zone government commendation agent
● Dubai and China auditor,
Audit services are provided by a team of tax accountants and lawyers
● The agents are all Chinese.
Communication is smooth and barrier-free
Dubai company registration procedure
  • 01 Nuclear name: Recommended to submit3-5Name for verification, verification of the company director's personal passport, business scope, etc
  • 02 Sign the company registration agreement, pay the registration company official fees
  • 03 Submit a company application, business plan, office address lease letter of intent for pre-review of registration materials
  • 04 After the pre-examination, sign the office address lease contract and pay the office lease fee and security deposit
  • 05 Submit legal documents for registration for approval
  • 06 Issue the business license and pay the service fee of the registered company
Dubai company registered after Huanze follow-up service
  • CycloseAccount opening agent, accompanied all the way
  • CycloseInternational notary document
  • CycloseTax preparation and tax advisory services
  • CycloseApply for a work visa to Dubai
  • CyclosePayment of labor insurance for Dubai employees
  • CycloseRent an office or office building

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