The consequences of non-annual inspection of Dubai company
  • 1Extension of annual inspection
    The penalty incurred
  • 2Extension of annual inspection
    Resulting in a bad credit record for the company
  • 3The annual inspection is delayed
    Bad credit record of company director
  • 4The delay of the annual inspection leads to the inability to carry out subsequent stock transfer, name change, alteration and other matters
Dubai company annual inspection procedure
  • 01. Handling timeAccording to the founding date, every12Annual inspection once a month, can advance1-2In a month.
  • 02. Handling feeA.Office rent and security deposit,B.Business license renewal fees,C.Registration agent service fee
Dubai company annual inspection why choose Ringze?
  • 01 The application documents for annual inspection were submitted to Dubai Free Trade Zone Government on the same day.10Complete the annual inspection within working days
  • 02The annual inspection fee is paid directly to the free trade area government.
    No need to go through an agent
  • 03The presence of the director is not necessary
    Handle the annual inspection
  • 04Local registered agent in Dubai,
    Cicada Dubai Free Trade Zone government commendation agent
  • 05Dubai and China auditor,
    Tax agents, lawyers team services
  • 06The agents are all Chinese.
    Communication is smooth and barrier-free
Dubai company annual inspection after ring ze follow-up service
  • CycloseAccount opening agent, accompanied all the way
  • CycloseInternational notary document
  • CycloseTax preparation and tax advisory services
  • CycloseApply for a work visa to Dubai
  • CyclosePayment of labor insurance for Dubai employees
  • CycloseRent an office or office building

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