Dubai companies operate on the ground, or send people from outside the UAE to work in Dubai
Consequences of not applying for a work visa
  • 1Illegal work
  • 2Unable to buy social Security
  • 3The legal rights of the workers in the area cannot be guaranteed

Dubai Company work visa process
  • 01. Handling procedureIf the customer to apply for a work visa, need to get the company license one week later, to the immigration office for immigration card, it takes time7God. When the immigration card is completed, then apply for the work visa, it takes time10-25Working days, the validity of the work visa3Years, any number of times, any length of stay, but not more than a period of time away from Dubai6A month, that is6Entry is required after one month1The Times...
  • 02. Two waysVIPMethod, handling time10About working days, valid3Years.
    Ordinary way, handling time25About working days, valid3Years.                                                                                                                                                                                         
Why do you choose Huanze when applying for Dubai Company work visa?
  • 01 Apply for a work visa the same day you get your company license.
  • 02Seamless connection with the free trade zone government
  • 03Dubai local registered agent, cicada even Dubai Free Trade Zone government commendation        Excellent agent
  • 04Dubai and China team services
  • 05Agents are Chinese, smooth communication, barrier-free
  • 06Provide follow-up support for other services
Dubai company for work visa after the follow-up service
  • CycloseAccount opening agent, accompanied all the way
  • CycloseInternational notary document
  • CycloseTax preparation and tax advisory services
  • CyclosePayment of labor insurance for Dubai employees
  • CyclosePayment of labor insurance for Dubai employees
  • CycloseRent an office or office building

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