BVICompany registration

BVIThe company is based on1994International Business Companies Act in the British Virgin IslandsBRITISHVIRGINISLANDIncorporated as an international business limited company,BVIThe Corporation is a legal entity with independent and limited liability. It may conduct business anywhere outside the islands, but may not engage in criminal activities;BVIThe Companies Registry will not require itBVIThe company discloses its shareholders and directors.

BVIAdvantages and characteristics of company registration
  • CycloseOnly one shareholder and a director, the director need not be a shareholder at the same time, the nationality of the shareholder and director is not limited.
  • CycloseHolding shares, serving as directors, holding trademarks, multi-layer agreements, etc., do not need to disclose personal identity.
  • CycloseNo need for annualBVIFinancial reports are submitted by the Government without the need to hold annual meetings of shareholders or directors.
  • CycloseCompanies can do business in any country and exchange in any currency of their choice.
  • CycloseShareholders and directors may meet in any country or be represented by their proxies.
  • CycloseTrade secrets can be well protected.
BVIDocuments required for incorporation
1, name of the company to be registered, in English or English plus Chinese (plus Chinese plus fee). 2, Provide copies or scanned copies of ID cards or passports of shareholders and directors, if the shareholders are2A or more, need to inform the proportion of shares. 3, Address proof of shareholders and directors (optionally one of the following) :
Anear3Bank statement (name and address required) for one month;
BThe address certificate issued by the public security department or the community;
Cnear 3 Within a month, including one month's water, electricity and gas bills
BVICompany registration process
  • 01 The first step is to provide a company name search
    (1-2 Reply within working days)
  • 02 After the name check is passed, provide the information of shareholders and directors (shareholders and directors can be the same person), copy of ID card or passport and address proof (the accountant or lawyer shall issue the verification original).,And complete the relevant survey form.
  • 03 Sign and establish BVI The law of limited company
    Documents to be signed by shareholders and directors in person.
  • 04 From the filing of the signed legal documents
    15The company can be successfully registered in about one working day.
BVIWhy choose Ring Ze for company registration?
  • Privacy and confidentiality The confidentiality agreement is attached to the contract signing. The self-developed customer management system ensures that the company or identity information of customers will not be disclosed.  01
  • All-round service Accountants, lawyers, tax accountants and other relevant personnel to provide a full range of services.(Bad organizations are not clear about tax and legal issues and respond slowly) 02
  • Assist in opening an account Assist clients to open bank accounts and other related matters, such as investment filing. (Bad institutions can not handle account opening or account opening rate is low) .03
  • Efficient managementThere is a clear time limit to complete the registration. After the establishment of the company, our company will give customers a complete set of registration documents with legal benefits. (The documents given by bad institutions are missing. Some of our customers have not received a full set of documents after registration). 04
  • Follow-up management Take full responsibility for the subsequent management matters after the establishment of the company to avoid the occurrence of fines (bad organizations may fail to remind the subsequent management matters on time, resulting in delay and fines) . 05

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