BVIAnnual company inspection

BVIAs an offshore company, the company is subject to the international commercial law of "no tax on non-local operations", regardless of its locationBVINo matter how much profit there is abroad, there is no need toBVIThe government pays a penny in taxes without having to be an auditor; However, it is required to pay the annual government fee every year, otherwise the company will be automatically cancelled and the bank account will be frozen.

BVICompany annual inspection procedures
  • 01 Directors and shareholders
    Address proof and other relevant documents within the last three months
  • 02 Annual inspection is divided into the upper and the second half of the year.
    We will help customers pay the annual fee
  • 03 We'll draw it up and get it done
    Economic substantive review report
  • 04 After completing the above steps
    The annual inspection is completed this year
BVIWhy does the company need annual inspection?
  • Face a fineFace a fineFailure to pay the annual fee and submit documents on time will result in delays and penalties.
  • delistingdelistingThe company will be expelled by the government if it does not have an annual inspection after one year.
  • Take responsibilityTake responsibilityDirectors and shareholders may be liable accordingly.
BVICompany annual inspection why to choose Ring Ze?
  • Data confidentiality Powerful private data management system, to ensure that customer information is not leaked (other institutions may leak customer related documents, high risk). 01
  • Efficient managementThe contract we signed with the customer has a clear time limit to complete the annual inspection (bad institutions do not have this limit, resulting in overdue). 02
  • No hidden cost Customer follow-up relevant consultation at any time to answer, no other costs (other bad institutions to attract low prices to sign, follow-up a number of invisible charges).03
  • Advance warning Own customer management system, in advance1-2Customers will be reminded to handle the annual inspection every month (other bad institutions will wait until the annual inspection time, and then remind them when it is near. After the preparation of the materials, the annual inspection time may have passed, resulting in fines). 04
  • Periodic review We have people who do regular reviewsBVICompany, check whether there is a government letter and timely deal with relevant matters. (Bad institutions review only when business is being done, thus missing relevant government letters and causing losses to the company). 05

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