Under what circumstancesBVIDoes the company want to do international notarial certification?
  • 1BVIThe company is located in mainland China
    To establish a foreign-capital enterprise or a joint venture
  • 2BVIThe company will be in China
    Set up an office/Representative office
  • 3BVIThe company is located in mainland China
    To Sue or answer a lawsuit
  • 4BVIThe company is located in mainland China
    Participate in bidding
BVICompany certification common certification documents
  • authorization
    Power of attorney
  • National company
    Registration information
  • business
  • Tax certificate
  • production
  • freedom
    Sales certificate
  • Duty paid
  • Birth certificate
  • Educational background
  • Get married
  • ISOcertificate
  • product
    Test report
  • trademark
    Certificate of registration
  • CE
    Certification certificate
  • exporter
    Registration form
  • No crime
Required information
  • BVICertificate of incorporation of the company
  • BVIArticles of association
  • BVIThe list of shareholders and directors of the company
  • Board resolution
  • Letter of authorization
  • BVIcompanyINCUMBENCY(Certificate of incumbency of shareholders)
  • Other relevant information
Handling procedure
  • 01 The relevant files are firstBVIRegistration of a companyAGENTOr certified by a locally or internationally recognized accountant(Certify)
  • 02 byBVIlocal
    Notary public
  • 03 Do the Hague accreditation, that is, by the British Foreign Office
    The certification officer signs
  • 04 By China in the UK
    Embassy certification
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