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29 2020.12

What is Hong Kong Company Departure Tax?

Departure tax refers to income from intellectual property acquired in Hong Kong by companies outside...
24 2020.12

Advantages of enterprises in the UAE Free Trade Zone

China is now the second largest trading partner of Arab countries, and has signed bilateral inter-go...
24 2020.12

The characteristics of the UAE tax system

2013 20162019years7 Indeed, in just a few years, the Belt and Road cooperation between China and Ara...
23 2020.12

Do Hong Kong companies need to provide audit papers for merger audit

At present, many domestic entrepreneurs will set up Hong Kong companies in Hong Kong, and then inves...
23 2020.12

Hong Kong corporate salaries tax

Hong Kong company salary tax refers to the taxable income derived from or received from Hong Kong of...
22 2020.12

Comparison of deregistration and forced delisting in Hong Kong

Many customers registered companies in Hong Kong, because of some reasons lack of maintenance, resul...
22 2020.12

Whether the commission paid by the Hong Kong company can be deducted before tax

Many domestic enterprises have registered Hong Kong companies overseas. In the process of operation,...
21 2020.12

Do Hong Kong companies have to pay tax if their operations are all in the mainland?

Do Hong Kong companies have to pay tax if their operations are all in the mainland? For Hong Kong co...
21 2020.12

Why is timely annual inspection of Hong Kong companies so important

In the daily management of Hong Kong company, the annual inspection is a very important work. The an...
20 2020.12

What are the risks of Hong Kong companies not doing audits

If your Hong Kong company audit is not handled on time, then when the Hong Kong Tax Bureau issues th...