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05 2021.06

What is an unqualified opinion in an audit report of a Hong Kong company?

In the accounting of Hong Kong companies and in the audit of Hong Kong companies, the opinion of the...
03 2021.06

Registered Hong Kong company brand benefits?

Hong Kong as the world trade, shipping and financial center, developed service industry, company nam...
02 2021.06

How can a Hong Kong company engaged in cross-border e-commerce retail business provide an invoice during the audit and tax return?

With the global coronavirus pandemic, cross-border e-commerce business has seen a spurt of developme...
31 2021.05

Why is it appropriate to register a Hong Kong company in the international trade industry?

First of all, as a world-renowned free port and financial center, Hong Kong has always adhered to th...
30 2021.05

How does Hong Kong audit tax return handle the multi-year collection and payment account?

In the process of audit and tax declaration in Hong Kong, we often encounter multi-year payment. In ...
30 2021.05

What are the advantages of registering a Hong Kong company for branding?

Hong Kong service industry developed, is the world trade, shipping and financial center, the company...
29 2021.05

Differences between capital gains in Hong Kong and those in the Mainland

In the accounting of companies in Hong Kong, some companies will buy funds, bonds and stocks to earn...
29 2021.05

Do individuals pay salaries tax after investing in Hong Kong companies?

With the deepening of reform and opening up and the rapid development of China's economy, more and m...
26 2021.05

How to report the first profits tax form received by a Hong Kong company that has not been operating for the time being?

Hong Kong company and domestic tax is different, after the establishment of Hong Kong company18In ab...
25 2021.05

What are the Differences between Positive and Negative Audit Certificates of Hong Kong Companies?

In the accounting of Hong Kong companies, most companies involve accounts receivable and payables, a...