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22 2021.06

Do Hong Kong companies need to pay tax on dividends?

If you have registered a company in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong company makes profits and distributes d...
21 2021.06

How does the Hong Kong Revenue Board check travel expenses?

With the passing of the epidemic, international trade has picked up significantly recently. As we al...
21 2021.06

What preparations do you need to make before registration in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong company registration before the need to determine the name of the registration (can think3...
20 2021.06

Does the Hong Kong company need to take inventory if there is inventory at the end of the audit and tax declaration period?

If there is inventory to be counted at the end of the period when the Hong Kong company is audited a...
20 2021.06

Whether the Hong Kong company can resume normal use after the cancellation

Recently, some clients want to restore the cancelled Hong Kong company and resume business activitie...
19 2021.06

How to calculate profit tax in accounting audit of Hong Kong company?

In the process of accounting and auditing of Hong Kong companies, everyone should be most concerned ...
18 2021.06

How to declare tax for the first time in Hong Kong?

Under the Hong Kong tax law, any Hong Kong limited company must file an annual tax return to the Hon...
17 2021.06

Pro forma invoice requirement for accounting audit of Hong Kong company

Many mainland customers will register Hong Kong companies to carry out international business, which...
15 2021.06

What documents will the client receive after the company registration in Hong Kong?

When a company is registered in Hong Kong, it is required to produce legal signature documents, such...
14 2021.06

What are the common situations of reserved opinion audit report?

In the accounting of Hong Kong companies and in the audit of Hong Kong companies, the opinion of the...