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07 2021.10

How does a registered Hong Kong company conduct international trade?

In international trade, if both buyers and sellers are abroad, how should this business be done? How...
06 2021.10

Hong Kong profits tax declaration

Corporate profits tax filing in Hong Kong is different from corporate income tax filing in the Mainl...
05 2021.10

Cayman Corporation registration (private equity)

Set up a Cayman corporation as a general partner(General Partner):Registration service fee, Annual r...
05 2021.10

What are the common taxes of registered Dubai company?

The company registered in Dubai has the characteristics of narrow tax base and low tax rate. There a...
04 2021.10

Can a registered Hong Kong company entrust a consulting center in Mainland China to provide services?

Many domestic bosses set up Hong Kong companies in Hong Kong. After the registration of Hong Kong co...
04 2021.10

Can the interest on the loan be deducted from the profits tax when the Hong Kong company audit the accounts?

Recently, in the accounting, auditing and tax declaration of Hong Kong companies, one of our clients...
02 2021.10

Hong Kong company registration should pay special attention to the following matters?

Hong Kong is one of the world's major financial centers, where companies and investors from all over...
01 2021.10

How should Hong Kong company deal with after receiving court summons for tax return not done on time?

Hong Kong company after registration general18After receiving the first tax return for Hong Kong com...
01 2021.10

How do Hong Kong companies differentiate between onshore and offshore trade?

When I do the audit and tax declaration of Hong Kong companies, I am often asked by clients whether ...
29 2021.09

Hong Kong companies and domestic companies personal loan interest expenses

We all know that cash flow is the lifeblood of a company. If cash is insufficient, the company needs...