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18 2022.02

What is the role of legal Opinions in Hong Kong Companies?

Hong Kong company legal opinion is a legal authoritative document issued by lawyers for the Hong Kon...
17 2022.02

When should a Hong Kong company pay Profits tax after incorporation?

At present, for domestic enterprises doing international business, it is almost standard to register...
17 2022.02

Analysis of corporate consumption tax in Singapore

GSTSingapore Excise Tax. Its current tax rate is7%, is a broad-based tax on imported goods and virtu...
16 2022.02

What are the advantages of registering a Hong Kong company to conduct international trade?

If the people are in China and the buyers and sellers are abroad, many clients ask, how does the bus...
15 2022.02

The confirmation of current payment in the audit of Hong Kong company needs to be paid more attention

In the audit of a Hong Kong company, we must pay attention to whether the book amount of the current...
14 2022.02

Hong Kong company equity transfer details

After the completion of registration in Hong Kong, if the company wants to transfer the shares in th...
14 2022.02

On audit risk of bank letter of credit

In international trade, LC settlement is the method of payment settlement chosen by many enterprises...
13 2022.02

Hong Kong company shares if there is a subsidiary need to provide those documents?

The Hong Kong company does the share transfer in Hong Kong, but it also has a Hong Kong company, so ...
11 2022.02

Requirements for Cancellation of Hong Kong Company?

After the client registered in Hong Kong, the international trade business has not been carried out ...
10 2022.02

How to check the documents of a registered Hong Kong company?

A total of four documents are required for the registration of a Hong Kong company. First, the incor...