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08 2022.03

What are the requirements for a Hong Kong company to apply for BUD Grant Funds?

The Hong Kong Government's Special Fund to encourage the SME Marketing Fund in Hong Kong to develop ...
07 2022.03

Analysis on Profits tax of Hong Kong Company two-stage System

Currently, all Hong Kong companies can be taxed at the two-tiered profits tax rate unless the Hong K...
06 2022.03

How can a Hong Kong company cancel a business registration Certificate

How to cancel a business registration certificate after a Hong Kong company has closed its business?...
05 2022.03

What do I need to do to register a company in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong registered companies, before the registration of the need to determine the name of the ...
04 2022.03

Hong Kong company has not done annual inspection and tax declaration all year round, how to restore?

If a Hong Kong company fails to do annual inspection and tax returns for years, it is sure to be pen...
03 2022.03

What is the tax difference between a Hong Kong company and a Singapore company?

First of all, Hong Kong companies do not have global tax, only profit tax, property tax, salaries ta...
02 2022.03

Is a non-Singaporean subject to personal income tax on his income from a Singapore company?

At present, many domestic entrepreneurs choose to register their companies in Singapore in addition ...
02 2022.03

Company MPF and Property Tax in Hong Kong

If the company is registered in Hong Kong, there will be MPF implications if it employs employees in...
01 2022.03

Hong Kong company after the bank account cancellation audit can still do bank confirmation?

In the audit process of a Hong Kong company, an important step is to do bank confirmation after rece...
28 2022.02

How to determine whether a Hong Kong company occupies Hong Kong resources?

With the development of world trade, many enterprises choose to register their companies in Hong Kon...