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03 2022.03

What is the tax difference between a Hong Kong company and a Singapore company?

First of all, Hong Kong companies do not have global tax, only profit tax, property tax, salaries ta...
02 2022.03

Is a non-Singaporean subject to personal income tax on his income from a Singapore company?

At present, many domestic entrepreneurs choose to register their companies in Singapore in addition ...
02 2022.03

Company MPF and Property Tax in Hong Kong

If the company is registered in Hong Kong, there will be MPF implications if it employs employees in...
01 2022.03

Hong Kong company after the bank account cancellation audit can still do bank confirmation?

In the audit process of a Hong Kong company, an important step is to do bank confirmation after rece...
28 2022.02

How to determine whether a Hong Kong company occupies Hong Kong resources?

With the development of world trade, many enterprises choose to register their companies in Hong Kon...
28 2022.02

What is the SCR commonly known as in Hong Kong company registration?

from2018years3month1With effect from today, the Hong Kong Companies Act requires that every Hong Kon...
27 2022.02

How to defer Filing of Tax Returns for Hong Kong companies?

2022At the beginning, the epidemic in Hong Kong is increasingly severe, and the peak period for Hong...
26 2022.02

Analysis of tax incentives for Singapore companies

There is a global tax in Singapore. After the after-tax dividend, will the dividend received by the ...
25 2022.02

Interpretation of Hong Kong enterprise investment preferential policies

In the past few years, many domestic individuals registered companies in Hong Kong and used Hong Kon...
25 2022.02

What is the difference between a Dubai-registered offshore company and an onshore company?

Many customers want to register a company in Dubai, but many companies have not been clear about the...

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