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06 2022.04

The bill of expenses of Hong Kong company should be kept

With the development of economy, many enterprises will choose to set up their companies in Hong Kong...
05 2022.04

What are the conditions for exempting Singapore companies from audit?

At present, many Chinese enterprises have registered companies in Singapore to meet the needs of int...
04 2022.04

The difference between NRA, OSA, and FTN accounts

NRA,OSA andFTNThe difference between accounts
03 2022.04

Corporate structure for offshore defense of Hong Kong companies

The tax system in Hong Kong is very relaxed. The most important thing is that the profits tax is not...
01 2022.04

Hong Kong company expense reimbursement should pay attention to the difference between the reimburser!

Hong Kong companies are needed by many international businesses, and every Hong Kong company in the ...
31 2022.03

Hong Kong companies need to keep bank statements safe during audits

According to Hong Kong tax policy, Hong Kong companies must be audited every year. The first step in...
30 2022.03

What information does Hong Kong Hang Seng Bank need to open an account?

Hengsheng Bank of Hong Kong owns approximately290We have branches in Macau, Singapore and representa...
30 2022.03

How to register Dubai DMCC Company?

Dubai is the center of global commodity tradeDMCC. The free trade zone mainly improves the volume of...
29 2022.03

What are the requirements for a Singapore work visa?

Singapore visa according to the length of entry into Singapore: such as tourism, visiting friends an...
29 2022.03

What does the UAE Business survey refer to?

UAE2019years4month30The issue of the No31Resolution "Economic Substantive Legislation". The UAE Mini...