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10 2022.05

Hong Kong company bank account is frozen how to activate?

The client's Hong Kong company is affected by the epidemic, and its international business is tempor...
10 2022.05

What bank accounts can Hong Kong companies open on the mainland?

Once a Hong Kong company is established, it can open an account in any country, but most customers c...
09 2022.05

What are the requirements in the audit of the Hong Kong company for the fund lending between enterprises?

In the audit of companies in Hong Kong, there will be inter-enterprise fund lending, so what are the...
08 2022.05

Do I need to make investment filing for registered companies in Hong Kong?

More and more enterprises choose to register Hong Kong companies, registered Hong Kong companies nee...
07 2022.05

How should a Hong Kong company file a tax return correctly?

After the company is registered in Hong Kong, it needs to make tax declaration every year. Under nor...
06 2022.05

Hong Kong company registration know how much?

Customers according to their business needs, if you want to register the company in Hong Kong, then ...
05 2022.05

What are the uses of Chinese notary documents?

Many clients register Hong Kong companies, and then return to mainland investment entities or equity...
05 2022.05

What should Hong Kong companies pay attention to?

If a Hong Kong company wants to change its shareholders in the process of operation, it first needs ...
04 2022.05

What should Hong Kong companies do with tax objections?

Hong Kong companyIf there is onshore business income and profit, the company will receive the profit...
03 2022.05

Do Hong Kong companies need to pay attention to onshore and offshore business?

Many Hong Kong companies are engaged in offshore trade5-7After the time limit of the year, there may...