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14 2022.06

What should a Hong Kong company do when its audit scope is limited?

Recently, in the audit process of the company in Hong Kong, the auditor asked the client to provide ...
13 2022.06

Do companies registered in Hong Kong need to pay profits tax?

In Hong Kong, the collection standard of profits tax is based on the territorial principle. Due to t...
13 2022.06

How can a Hong Kong company apply to the Inland Revenue Department for tax refund?

A Hong Kong company with clients2021Annual Profits Tax The amount of tax is less than the estimated ...
12 2022.06

How can mainland people pay tax in Hong Kong if they have income in Hong Kong?

Many mainlanders now have incomes outside China, especially in Hong Kong. However, many people do no...
11 2022.06

Why can't you settle foreign exchange after earning income in Hong Kong?

Recently, some people asked why his overseas income could not be settled in Chinese banks. It turns ...
10 2022.06

Do Hong Kong companies have tax risks if they do not have personnel payroll expenses?

At present, many companies use Hong Kong company as the platform for international trade, and the Ho...
10 2022.06

What are the main taxes of Singapore companies?

There are usually two types of taxes involved in Singapore companies: corporate income taxCITAnd con...
09 2022.06

What are the advantages of incorporation in Hong Kong to attract venture investors?

Due to the high tax and foreign exchange control in China, it is a barrier for entrepreneurs to inve...
09 2022.06

What documents do domestic enterprises need for overseas investment filing?

If a domestic enterprise wants to invest overseas, it needs to go to the National Development and Re...
08 2022.06

How can I apply to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department for an amendment of my Tax return?

How can a customer apply to the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department for an amendment to his tax retu...