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11 2022.07

What should Hong Kong company pay attention to when doing the audit?

Hong Kong companies need to be audited every year, because in addition to the audit of revenue and c...
11 2022.07

Does Hong Kong company have business entertainment expenses deductible profits tax?

We all know that the tax system in Hong Kong is different from that in the mainland, especially the ...
10 2022.07

Hong Kong company audit for long-term equity investment to do impairment can be restored?

The accounting of long-term equity investment is slightly different from that of the mainland. In th...
09 2022.07

Department of Commerce overseas investment record focus on those?

If a domestic company wants to invest abroad to set up overseas companies, it needs to go to the Dep...
08 2022.07

What about annual bank account inspection of Hong Kong company?

More and more domestic people are registering companies in Hong Kong to run international businesses...
06 2022.07

What are the benefits for mainland companies to set up in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has a low corporate tax rate and few types of taxes. Hong Kong offshore company basic tax ...
06 2022.07

What should a Hong Kong company do when it receives a court summons?

Hong Kong company received summons from Hong Kong court probability is not carried out annual audit ...
05 2022.07

Do I need to sign a transaction document for the transfer of shares in Hong Kong company?

According to the requirements of the Inland Revenue Department, any person who completes the sale or...
05 2022.07

Pay attention! The Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department implements a policy of waiving business registration fees

About the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department's policy of waiving fees for Business registration cer...
04 2022.07

What are the differences of a Dubai work visa?

After the establishment of many Dubai companies, due to the development of the company needs to hire...