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03 2022.11

What should I pay attention to when buying a Hong Kong company already registered by others?

Many customers need to buy Hong Kong companies with a long period of registration for various reason...
01 2022.11

What are the necessary procedures for a Hong Kong company to participate in litigation in the Mainland?

As more and more mainland businesses do business with Hong Kong, Hong Kong companies are increasingl...
30 2022.10

What is the difference between annual audit and audit in Hong Kong?

Many clients who set up a Hong Kong company think that everything is completed after the annual insp...
27 2022.10

How to determine the name of a Hong Kong company when it is registered?

For the development of enterprises, many customers in the registration of Hong Kong company name, ho...
26 2022.10

What information does a Hong Kong company need to open an NRA account with Ping An Bank in China?

After the customer registered the company in Hong Kong, he could not open an account in Hong Kong du...
25 2022.10

What are the taxes usually involved after a company is registered in Hong Kong?

What are the usual taxes for Hong Kong companies? What's the tax rate? In fact, there are very few t...
24 2022.10

The establishment of a Hong Kong company requires a sound financial system

The audit of Hong Kong companies is almost over. Hong Kong companies that have not completed the aud...
23 2022.10

What materials should a Hong Kong company prepare to pay commission?

Recently, one of our clients consulted that after the establishment of their Hong Kong company, the ...
20 2022.10

What are the advantages of incorporation in Singapore?

Singapore and other countries, including China50Many countries have signed agreements to avoid doubl...
19 2022.10

Do Hong Kong companies pay salaries tax to Mainland directors?

We all know that if a Hong Kong company has employees in the mainland, and the employees have been i...